What the hell do we know?!?!

One of the scariest things about getting old is learning how little you really know. However, one of the superpowers that comes with 'experience' is discovering how little the so-called experts actually know. This is especially true when it comes to the health and fitness industry. Some of the confusion is genuine. In many ways, the human body and how it works remains a mystery - our minds even more so.

What we look like without makeup


But far too much misinformation surrounding weightloss, exercise, and health is intentionally spread by ruthless corporations and greedy people looking to profit from our insecurities, fears, and dreams while causing irreparable damage to our long term health and happiness. When it comes to you, YOU are the ONLY expert. We are simply here to guide you on your journey to the fitter, healthier, happier YOU.

Jim and I have been helping people increase their confidence, fitness, and enjoyment of life for a long, long time. We've learned a great deal about physical, mental, and emotional health along the way - usually from doing it the wrong way - but we definitely don't know it all. Neither are we athletes, CrossFitters, or instagram models (shocking, we know). We are simply two normal, middle aged guys who HATE bullshit and are driven to help as many people as possible earn success and happiness by sharing what we've been lucky enough to learn.

Bert & Ernie stealing treats during their resilience & confidence seminar tour of Indonesia

Some of our awesome crew after getting our RAW on pre-lockdown

Looking good is awesome. Feeling good is even more important. Way too many people torture themselves and risk their health and peace of mind by desperately striving for taut buns and six packs while ignoring the most crucial aspects of true health - mental and emotional fitness. We start from the ground up and work from the inside out using common sense principles and proven concepts to strengthen your body, mind, and soul.

We are not interested in treating the symptoms of what brought you here. Nor are we concerned with band aid fixes or short term solutions. We are here to arm you with the knowledge, skills, and tools to transform your life... FOREVER.