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Does confrontation intimidate you?

Are you tired of feeling powerless?

Do you have an action plan for when things go wrong?

We'll give you, your friends & family, your students & your staff the knowledge, tools & training to manage confrontation, escape violence & LIVE CONFIDENTLY. 




Small Group





Short Courses

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As self-protection consultants we've conducted training both internationally (Indonesia, Dubai, Finland, Belgium, Germany, England, Ireland, New Zealand) & interstate (Sydney, Queensland) for organizations such as:
Jakarta International School - Monash University - World Vision
- The League Of Extraordinary Women - The Women’s Self Defence Network - Wildlife Victoria - Emmaus College - St. John’s High School - Highvale Secondary College - Macclesfield Pony Club
& many others.

"RAW Life was the best thing that happened this year. Jim and Jezz are such amazing people and in just 3 hours I felt sad seeing them go. They are genuine people the world needs more of. Their way of talking and how funny they are is just incredible and I hope they will come back because they can have a wide world impact for sure."
Louise, 17, Jakarta International School


Find out how we can help you, your clients & your organization

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