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Kids (7-12)

Teens (13-17)

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Term 3 Limited Offer
$99 (value $265)
4wks training
boxing gloves
hand wraps
gym bag

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We give your kids' & teens' the mental, emotional & physical tools to deal with life's challenges.

We use realistic & effective training to improve your kids' & teens' fitness, resilience & confidence.

We have fun in a friendly, safe & ego-free environment.

"I gotta do that again!" Aiden, 12, after his first class

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Kids & Teens Martial Arts

Once a week = $220 / SCHOOL TERM *

Twice a week = $380 / SCHOOL TERM *

* We run our Martial Arts classes per school term instead of all year round, because we train hard - and there's no better reward for hard work than resting, recovering, and enjoying holidays with the people we love.

Contact Us

Unit 2 / 3 Hi Tech Place, Rowville, Victoria, Australia - admin@rawlifeaustralia.com.au

Jim - 0488 361 088 - jim@rawlifeaustralia.com.au


Jezz - 0467 534 380 - jezz@rawlifeaustralia.com.au

Thanks for reaching out. We'll be in touch soon.