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Hi, my name’s Jim, but everyone calls me an absolute …

errr - let’s just leave it at Jim.


I was born and raised in Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK which makes me a Geordie.
I left school at 15 with little to no qualifications to pursue my dream of … well, nothing really. I just wanted to have fun - nothing's changed in
38+ years.


I was lucky to meet the love of my life in 1992 who took me from the UK to Australia.


I like to think she scoured the world looking for me. I'm pretty sure I was just a weird souvenir she picked up along the way. 😉

I’ve had lots of jobs, including retail and hospitality, but spent most of my working life on a factory floor - the last 15 years as manager.


Which just goes to show that anyone can get anywhere, even without qualifications, if they annoy people long enough.


I absolutely love life and I’m almost annoyingly happy. I love talking to strangers and experiencing life and all it offers. I delight in making people laugh and am always ready to look like a clown if it brightens someone's day.

I suppose I've never really grown up - THANKFULLY - which is probably why I love kids so much.


Life is the longest thing any one of us will ever do. If you love it, it will be way too short. If you dislike it, it will seem way too long.


Learn to be happy from the inside out and make a long life seem way too short.

I’ve been passionately involved in the martial arts and fitness industry for almost 4 decades and teaching for over 30 of those years.
I've taught around Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Germany, Finland, Belgium, Dubai, and Indonesia. Which is handy considering how much I love traveling and experiencing EVERYTHING in this incredible world.
The journey so far has been amazing, and I am beyond lucky to have had the opportunities I’ve had.


I took up martial arts to learn how to defend myself. But over the last 15 years, I’ve focussed on creating a better me while helping my students and clients do the same.


Due to years of hard training, I’ve had multiple injuries and operations. The toll on my body made me realize that training isn’t about how hard you go.


Training should be about strengthening your mind, body, and spirit to improve the length and quality of your life. I believe I came to this conclusion shortly after the birth of our son.

Fatherhood made me ask myself, “what am I doing and what am I creating in this world?”


The answers led to a more holistic way of teaching and training - where life lessons are interwoven through everything I do.


One of the big things holding people back is clinging to past mistakes. The trick is learning from the past while being in the present.


Becoming the BETTER YOU doesn’t mean never making mistakes.


It means learning from those mistakes and hopefully never repeating them.


Achieving health, confidence, and happiness isn't about perfection - it's about progress




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