I’m a jack of all trades yet a master of none. I’ve been an engineer & project manager for the likes of General Motors & British Aerospace, a self defence instructor, a bouncer, a test driver, & a landscaper.

My name’s Jeremy, but everyone calls me Jezz.

My high school sweetheart lets me live on her tiny patch of paradise in the hills outside Melbourne, Australia - as long as I spoil her & our zoo of geriatric, freeloading animals.

I've also been been a professional romance writer since 2003 - yes, you read that correctly - no, that’s not me on the cover.


Now I own a freaking gym with a Jim!!

 (NEVER say never, people)

My adolescence was standard Aussie middle class - with a few papadams on the side. Even had the mullet to prove it. Bouffant up front, party half way down my back (no wonder my wife couldn't keep her hands off me)

Actually, there were far more than a few pappadams, along with enough fried & baked treats to clog my arteries.

My food addiction lead to chronic obesity & the emotional baggage that comes with it.


My insecurities eventually lead to the martial arts - where I crashed into the crazy Geordie, Jim Armstrong, who showed me the ways of the Force.

It took me way too long to realize that what I actually needed was confidence - I'm not that bright.

 Not confidence to kick ass and take names. But the much more valuable confidence to love & believe in myself enough to become

the better ME.

I've battle obesity my entire life. But after a life time of trying to 'eat less & exercise more' I've finally discovered what works for me.


Along the way, my amazing wife also found what works for her. You probably guessed that it was the same damned thing ...


cut out sugar, salt, & fat

eat whole, natural food


move our butts.

It's not all sunshine & rainbows. One size definitely doesn't fit all. You need to find what works for you. But like anything life changing, the more you feed the strong you - mentally, emotionally, & physically - the easier it gets.

It took me almost 50 yrs to kill the monster I believed would haunt me forever.


I feel like a freaking superhero.


I'm now driven to help people slay their own dragons & become their own superheroes.