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What Do YOU Want?

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

This is the first question we ask people who are looking to become happier, healthier, and more confident. It’s also the question Jim and I have been asking ourselves most of our lives.

Asking yourself—“What do I want?”—regularly, and answering it honestly and thoughtfully, is the only way to be sure you’re on the correct path to success… Whatever ‘success’ means to you—more on success later 😉

If you’re scratching your head right now you’re not alone. Most people find this question extremely hard to answer. Some find it incredibly confronting. You’ve probably never slowed down long enough to actually narrow down what you really want from YOUR life. Or you’re feeling self-conscious about answering truthfully—because what you want goes against everything you’ve been brought up, taught, or conditioned to believe success is.

It won’t take you long to realize that RAW Life Australia isn’t a normal gym. You’ll take even less time to figure out that Jim and I are even weirder. We’re okay with that. In fact, we’re proud to be unlike any other coaches you’ve probably come across.

We will encourage, motivate, and guide you to where you want to go. And we’ll do our best to have you laughing all the way. We will point you in the right direction, help you avoid road blocks, and share short cuts, but you have to choose the destination.

You might want to lose weight. You might want to get fitter. You might want to tie a black belt around your six pack abs. Or you might simply want to get healthier, move better, and love who you see in the mirror. All these answers are correct—as long as they lead to success—YOUR success.

So what is success? Like figuring out what you want, success becomes even harder to describe when you consider your answer or answers will change with time, circumstance, and experience—as they should. And with every goal you conquer your fear of failure will fade and your hunger for success will grow along with the scale of your dreams. If this freaks you out, take some time to catch your breath and imagine the possibilities. Success is all about what YOU want… The possibilities are limitless. The potential infinite.

Choice is both terrifying and empowering which is why the above might be disconcerting. Instead, why not embrace the chaos? Throw out that pre-programmed satnav, punch in your own destinations, and take the first step on the journey to YOUR SUCCESS. You’ll know you’re on the right track when life starts whizzing by. Because when you’re doing it right, life flashes by way too quickly. So buckle up and ENJOY THE RIDE.

Jim and I are here to show you what’s possible and help you answer these questions—and we absolutely love what we do. We want you questioning everything you think you know about health, happiness, and confidence until you figure out what success means to you. Because only after you start asking the right questions will you find the correct answers.

We know this all sounds a bit woo woo. Please don’t worry. You won’t have to train with Mr. Miyagi or Master Yoda. And much to our financial advisor’s dismay, you won’t even have to buy our limited edition nutritional supplements and exercise gear. RAW Life Australia will give you the raw ingredients to enable you to become your own personal MasterChef while creating the recipe for the HEALTHIER, HAPPIER, and MORE CONFIDENT YOU.

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