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May the Force be with us

HOLY @#$%, what a year!!!

We hope this inaugural post finds you and your tribe safe, healthy, and happy.

Since we opened RAW Life's doors we've been locked down longer than we've been open. And the way things are going we ain't expecting to be hitting and kicking the crap out of anything soon. So, being the eternally optimistic scruffy nerfherders we are, we're punching the hyperdrive and taking RAW Life online.

Not only will you be able to enjoy our special brand of humble awesomeness in your very own Fortresses of Solitude via the interwebs, you'll also be able to access the genius that lurks beneath our athletic physiques via this blog. And if all this isn't enough, we're always just an email or message away.

So, drop that donut, get off that couch, and FEED THE STRONG YOU.

Jim & Jezz.

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